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Edgy Golf Sponsership: Is it an Oppurtunity or a Risk

LIV Golf is a professional golf tour created to rival the PGA.


Financed by an investment fund from Saudi Arabia LIV has issues getting sponsorships. Not only is there a stigma attached to the Suadi financing but LIV is a tour that disrupts the current golf industry. In 2020 PGA Commissioner Jay Monahan said athletes who decide to compete in a new league would have to choose between that and being part of the PGA. Established sponsors should be wary of alienating their current relationships in the industry to sponsor this upstart tour. American companies that are not involved in the golf industry should be hesitant to sponsor the LIV tour because of the current geo-political issues between Saudi Arabia and the United States.


Additionally because of the cultural differences between Saudi Arabia and America, a women oriented brand would not be getting their moneys worth should the become a sponsor. 

Thats not to say that companies looking to expand into Saudi Arabia or an edgier company that is normally excluded from golf sponsorships may find it beneficial to become an LIV sponsor. 

Article: SBJ Marketing: What will it take for brands to enter LIV Golf? (

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