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2022 Halloween Ads

There's been a recent slew of creative Halloween marketing moves from some of the most recognized brands. General Motors released an ad playing on some horror movie tropes, such as the threat never stops, drawing an equivalence to the improvements on GM vehicles and killers such as Jason or Micheal Myers.

Preferring treats to tricks, Kit Kat set up a neverending candy bowl in Salem, Massachusetts.

Sun-maid held their Halloween celebration in Helens, Oregon, where the cult classic “Halloweentown” was filmed. They replaced all candy they could find with raisins and put their red bonnet everywhere they could find.

Papa Johns's got into the jewelry game and released a garlic sauce talisman and rereleased Jack, an old horror movie parody they did.

Uber Eats hid $1 million worth of discount codes in an ad they parodied a thriller movie where the cast mysteriously runs out of candy and has to go get more while being pursued.

Dum Dums made a 30-second black and white animation of a witch going to a witch school riding a dum dum pop instead of a broom.

Cheetos went into virtual reality to advertise Cheetos. One feature of Chesterville is a haunted mansion that lets people vote on a discontinued Cheetos flavor to bring back.

Heinz made a TikTok vegan vampire video where a vampire recognizes that “Humans are people too” and consumes only tomato blood.

Airheads made my personal favorite ad with a dentist talking about the common stereotype of having the worst giveaways on Halloween and all that comes with it. So he talks about how great the new Airheads candy-flavored floss is so he’ll no longer be the victim of pranks.


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