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Bootstrapping Tips From a Seltzer Pro

Have you ever wondered how to make your brand stand out on store shelves?

Paul Voge, co-founder of Aura Bora has some advice. Paul and Madeline Voge created a flavored seltzer water brand Aura Bora, which features whimsical cartoony designs on the cans. In an interview with Food Entrepreneur Paul Voge shared his thoughts.

The best way Voge says to bootstrap consumer-packed goods brand is to get it into a small chain of retail stores and then frequently sample, coupon, and merchandise the product, and overtime, the store will give you better shelf space or end displays.

Aura Bora also stands out on the shelf for because of the very loud, so having something that distinguishes itself from other products in its category. But lets not be loud for the sake of being loud, this is a problem that many craft beer brands have.

Go into any liquor store and look at the craft beers in the fridge, they all have very interesting designs meant to pull attention to it, the art on everyone’s cans is drowned out by everyone else’s. So don’t fall into the trap of being unique in a sea of uniqueness

Voge also said one of the most cost-effective way to promote your product is to offer samples outside of the store, that way you can avoid paying demo fees the store might charge.

Additionally, if it can be helped, try to get your products positioned near other products that are useable with your own. Voge gave the example of positioning your salsa near tortilla chips. He talks a little bit more on the challenges of online distribution and the struggle to keep up with innovation.


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