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Sports Betting March Madness

Sports Betting in Massachusetts will soon have new regulations. Current regulations set by the Gaming Commission do not allow sports betting companies to have revenue sharing or cost per acquisition with third-party affiliates if the compensation is based on performance metrics like account sign-ups or number of wagers placed. Everyone on the gambling industry side is lobbying to have that restriction removed, as those agreements are standard for the advertising industry, so the workaround is to pay third-party “experts” a flat rate to recommend bets and act as advice givers, they just have compensation restrictions. One of the reasons for this is the Gambling Commission protecting tax revenue, having the standard form of compensation could result in a more favorable tax right off with the state. Another concern stated by the commission is preventing people under the age of 21 from being targeted. They're looking to pass further restrictions on sports betting advertising on social media and other ad platforms like Hulu and YouTube. The Massachusetts rules could become the national standard should they prove moderately successful.


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