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Uncontroversial Controversial Ads

Audrey Plaza has come under fire recently for making a dairy ad that makes fun of milk substitutes.

The ad is basically a fake commercial for “wood milk” which is essentially just a log squished into a semi-liquid slime, Plaza promotes the milk with her typical snarky and sarcastic manner up until the end where she clarifies that it’s not a real product and only real milk is real. This prompted some backlash from several of her fans and animal rights organizations for encouraging the use of animal products.

On average Gen Z buys 20% less cow milk than the rest of America, which leaves the dairy industry trying to appeal to the younger crowd with some difficulties, after the ad was posted on Plaza’s Instagram she disabled comments due to the backlash against being featured in a dairy industry ad.

The real question over the ad is if the outrage is part of a vocal; minority or a characteristic of Gen Z.


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