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Why AMA?

Testimonials from current and former members.




"The reason to join AMA is to get involved in the marketing world and learn something knowledgeable from other members and from their experience. Also, It is a great opportunity to improve my Leadership skills and gain more involvement on Campus. Joining AMA will definitely help me network and connect with great mentors who can guide me to get my success. I am excited to be part of AMA."


PRESIDENT 2020-2021

"I joined AMA to be around like-minded individuals that enjoy networking and connecting with other organizations within the same field of business. By joining AMA I was introduced to the world of Marketing in so many different aspects from meeting professionals within the industry, to hosting events to better help prepare students for life outside of University and learning how to present yourself in your future career. 


The advice I would share with students is to be open-minded and just go for it. The best thing you can do is join clubs to meet people of the same interests which can lead to new doors of opportunities."




" I joined the AMA because am passionate about Marketing, and I want to connect with others while working alongside my fellow peers and business students to promote student success. I’m very excited to be more engaged in my discipline through AMA by strategically uplifting opportunities for the future students at CSUSB!


I would give the following advice to students who'd like to join the AMA: Make sure that you make time in your schedule to be more involved on campus! Your experiences will strengthen your potential as an AMA member and allow you to be more deeply engaged at CSUSB, which goes a long way. My second piece of advice to anyone thinking about joining is to just go for it; it's a really great experience. Believe in yourself - you'll never know what will happen if you don't try!"



2022-2023 PRESIDENT

"My interest in marketing sparked when I first opened my e-commerce business. I fell in love with it! I took online courses and I wanted to know more. I joined the American Marketing Association because I knew I wanted to continue my drive for learning. I loved marketing so much, I applied to the Masters in Business Administration program at CSUSB. Fast forward, I am doing a double master's in Marketing and Management. I maintained a 4.0 in my marketing courses and even considered my Ph.D. in Business Administration."

"My advice for students is to not let a career change intimidate you. I decided to change my career path and I am glad I took that risk. Be open to new experiences and be involved on campus. You never know what your passion might be. Be yourself, follow your goals, and do not be afraid of change. Comfort is the enemy of success."

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